Duties of the authors/ researchers are to:

  1. Ensure that all researched work submitted is original.

  2. Represent all authors accurately and clearly state other appropriate acknowledgements and/or contributors to the research.

  3. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest including sources of financial support if any.

  4. Account for accurate reporting on methods and findings presented in the paper.

  5. Properly cite publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the reported work according to the reporting standards.

  6. Disclose the source of all data and how it was acquired and ready to provide the raw data to the editors if needed for a reasonable time after publication.

  7. Declare any ethical issue.

  8. Co-operate with any consequent investigations if any issues are raised by reviewers, editors or the publisher.

  9. Provide appropriate information for errata if such an event occurs.

  10. Remain in good communication with the editor(s), publisher and any co-authors if the need arises.

  11. Recognize that the Editorial Board has the final decision to publish.

Duties of the Editorial Board are to:

  1. Authorize only highest quality papers submitted to the Conference to be published.

  2. Ensure that a thorough, objective and blind peer review is conducted.

  3. Treat all submissions fairly without any favor of prejudice.

  4. Be transparent with regards to the review and publication process with appropriate care that individuals will not be identified when it is inappropriate to so do.

  5. Provide advice to the authors during the submission process when necessary.

  6. Be attentive to the possibility of third-party material being included in papers for which there may not be sufficient permission.

  7. Be prepared to publish errata when necessary.

  8. Communicate with both the publisher and the author(s) in a timely manner.

Duties of the reviewers are to:

  1. Only review papers that are relevant to their own expertise.

  2. Use their best efforts to be objective and constructively critical, and express their views clearly with supporting arguments.

  3. Treat the manuscripts received for review as confidential documents which will not be shown or discussed with others.

  4. Keep their own identity from authors.

  5. Pay special attention that papers are: a) appropriate for the scope of the conference; b) original; c) well designed and executed; d) correct regarding reporting, analyzing, and interpreting of the data; e) clear and concise on ideas; f) satisfactory on all ethical and publication requirements; g) significant in their contribution to the field.

  6. Commit to provide timely review.

  7. Report any suspected ethical misconduct which appears in the work.

  8. Treat all papers reviewed fairly without any favor or prejudice.

  9. Report if there is any possible conflict of interest.